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FGFIT Inc. (Home of First Generation CrossFit), Advanced Strength and Agility camp is focused around teaching junior high and high school athlete’s proper skills and techniques needed to get an edge on their competition. The camp will be broken up into two different age Brackets 7-11 and 12-15.

With every sport there are opportunities for athletes to showcase their own strength and agility, creating an impact on the game when the ball is not in their hands. At this camp, our mission is to help all who attend develop their skills pertaining to strength, agility, acceleration, and reaction time.

On the first day of camp, a skills competition will be held and each athlete’s scores will be recorded. Throughout the weeks we will go back over each skill and various others, teaching basic fundamentals that will help improve their score. On the last day of camp we will hold the skills competition again in a games format, and watch as the athletes blow past previous scores and record new ones.

6-Week Camp
June 19 - July 28th.*
Days of the Week:
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
10:00 - 12:00 a.m.



• Lower extremity injury prevention
• Focus on lower extremity strength, plyometrics, speed and agility

• Upper extremity injury prevention
• Focus on upper extremity functional strengthening, plyometrics, and flexibility

• Focus on core strength, dynamic flexibility, and overall Strengthening

*There will not be a session July 4th .

Please allow for an additional 30 minutes at the end of the first and                                                                                                                                          last sessions to complete the athletic testing process.

• For all youth ages 7-15
• From the most experienced athlete to the beginner
• Positive attitude
• Desire to work hard, learn, and get better

• 6 session (6 sessions-12 hours of training)........................ $80.00
• 12 sessions (12 sessions-24 hours of training)................... $140.00
•18 sessions (18 sessions-36hours of training).....$160.00-best deal

First Generation CrossFit
3519 Vandyke, Unit B
Almont, MI 48003

What to bring:
• Plenty of water!!!
• Inhaler (if needed)

• Epi Pen (if needed)